waterfall, Williamsville, VT


For over 30 years, the HKH Foundation was guided by a fundamental philanthropic imperative: to create new possibilities in pursuit of meaningful and lasting change.

We convened, challenged and enabled visionaries, advocates and activists across our areas of grantmaking towards the goal of re-conceiving "the possible." Historically the Foundation made grants in the arenas of Environmental Protection, Safeguarding Civil Liberties and Peace and Security. We also fostered non-partisan Civic Engagement as important to securing change across issues. In our later years we developed a cross-cutting initiative on Protecting the Commons. We also maintained a regional focus on the Adirondacks.

At the HKH Foundation we pursued a grantmaking philosophy that sought to be nimble, bold, and responsive to timely and important opportunities to have impact on issues of concern. Thus the Trustees of the Foundation determined to "spend down" and distribute all assets of the Foundation. Grantmaking was concluded in 2012.

The Foundation is proud of the organizations and initiatives we have supported. Grantees and their web sites are listed here by issue area; we encourage you to visit their web sites and learn more about their important work.

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